Membership Cards


About the New Cards

Any active Member that attends a BJS Meeting or Live Jazz Event over the next few months will receive the new Membership Card. This new card features an updated statement (disclaimer) as well as a larger/easier to read 3-digit Membership number. This was possible as the BJS logo is now a watermark along with a new background design. The back, which was blank with the original cards, features several significant dates in BJS History. Those dates include first meetings, live jazz events, and special events. You can click on either image above to see a larger view of the new cards.

Membership is free. All that is required is that a person attends at least five Regular Meetings and contributes to the Donation Tin. Live Jazz does not count towards membership as that activity directly supports the band on the night.

History of Membership

The Active Membership Program began almost 10 years ago in October 2007. A BJS Membership Card and Name Badge were issued to every person that attended the required number of regular meetings to support the BJS. If a person moved away from the area, is no longer able to or intend on attend any meeting, or passed away, then their BJS Number is considered Retired to honor that person and their place in BJS History. Membership includes discounts when attending live jazz or special events, participation in the Member’s Only Raffle, and exclusive access to the Member’s Only Section of the BJS dot com website along with receiving the Jazzy Notes Newsletter.

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