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Hey Brookfield, We’ve Got Rhythm

Note: The following article was published via the Village of Brookfield Email Newsletter sent out on March 4th, 2005.

Back in the late 70’s, in a little place in called Bury, near Lancashire, England, the Bury Jazz Society was born. The founder of the society was a local by the name of Ian Tiele. He started with only three people in the Jazz Society, but as the word got out the organization became more popular and the numbers grew. Two and a half decades later, Ian is looking to start a Jazz and Blues Appreciation Society right here in Brookfield.

Ian Tiele is a native of England. He started traveling between England and the United States back in 2000. His travels went on for a couple years before he finally became a permanent resident of Brookfield towards the end of 2002. During that time, the idea of starting a Blues and Jazz Appreciation Society came about when he noticed that no such organization existed in the area. Ian thought about the Jazz Society that he started in England, which is still running strong today, and started to come up with ideas to create something like it here in Brookfield. After many months of planning, and building a website to go with his concept, he looks forward to the first meeting of the Jazz Society, which will be held on Thursday, March 24, 2005.

The meetings will be held every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the lower level of Village Hall. That way if a person is not available to attend one week, they can always come to the next meeting. In addition, it will provide more opportunities for people to speak and learn about the music being discussed from week to week. Even better is that the meetings are informal and open for anyone to attend. You can stop in to hear what the guest speaker has to say, or play some of your own music and talk about it with others. It is also noted that the Jazz Society meets in Brookfield and welcomes everyone from town and the surrounding communities. The weekly meetings will start at 7 p.m. but the end time will vary from week to week and not go past 9:30 p.m.

During the interview for this article, Ian summed up his ideas in starting the organization by saying, “The Jazz Society will provide a place for the people to come together and talk about music. We will cover compositions from many different eras and genres from Dixieland to the Big Bands to modern day Blues and Jazz. It will be not only a relaxing place, but one of learning as well.”

Ian wanted to mention that much gratitude goes out to Mary Pezdek and Arlene Rovner from the Recreation Department for their enormous contribution in getting the Jazz Society started. In addition, a word of thanks goes to and the Email Newsletter in helping getting the message out about the new Jazz Society in Brookfield.

Meetings will be held at 7 p.m. every Thursday starting March 24, 2005 at the Village Hall (downstairs) located at 8820 Brookfield Avenue in Brookfield. For further information about the Jazz Society, you can email Ian Tiele at or visit the website at

Article Notes: The current meeting location of the Brookfield Jazz Society is in The Jazz Room (lower levels) at Sawa’s Old Warsaw in Broadview.

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