About the BJS

About the BJS

The Brookfield Jazz Society meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. in The Jazz Room (lower level) of Sawa’s Old Warsaw in Broadview. The weekly activities can be broken down to a couple of different categories: meetings and live jazz events. This section will give a specific breakdown of the different types of meetings and live jazz events that are typically held along with a few of our special events.

Regular Meetings

The regular meetings are the backbone of the Society and what brings in new members all of the time. The most basic meeting is a presentation, which is usually done by one or two presenters. These presentations can be done by lecture, audio accompaniments, visual accompaniments, and movies or any combination thereof. The person who presents picks a topic for which they have two hours to present their material. Once in a while there will be what is called a “Quartet of Presentations” where there are four separate presenters, each with 30 minutes to present their material. This is best of those who are not use to presenting or do not have a lot of material on their favorite subject. Other meetings include Movie Night, which features one or two jazz related movies, and the Free & Easy Nights were the audience brings their own CDs and DVDs for all to enjoy. During the intermission for the Regular Meeting a Donation Tin is passed around where we ask everyone to donate $1 to help maintain the Society as a whole. Anyone who attends three regular meetings, within a reasonable time span, can earn their own Membership Card and Name Badge.

Live Jazz Events

At least once a month a band will come in and perform for the BJS. During the regular live jazz events both members and guests can attend. We ask for a $10 cover charge from guests and the Members donate at least $7 to the Band Collection. During the intermission we have a few announcements and conduct the Main Raffle with prizes donated by locatl business. The money collected for the cover charge and band collection is used to pay the band on the night. For this reason attending a live jazz event does not count towards BJS Membership.

In March there is the Anniversary Party and in December is the Annual Holiday Party. Both of these events are labeled as Members Only Events due to the fact that a person must be a BJS Member (or event Sponsor) in order to attend. These events usually include extra activities such as Split-the-Pot Raffle, Silent Auction, and some extra treats are provided for everyone.

Special Events

BJS Field Trip – Held once a year (pending availability) to attend the opening of the Chicago Jazz Festival downtown Chicago. This is held in lieu of the regular meeting schedule on that Thursday night. A bus is used to take everyone downtown and return to Irish Times. Tickets are sold for the bus as well as food. Capacity for the bus is normally 55 people.

Jazz on the Road – This event is normally held at Sawa’s Old Warsaw in Broadview. Held on a Sunday, everyone who attends is able to enjoy an afternoon of Jazz along with an all-you-can-eat Polish Buffet. There is also a Main Raffle and Split the Pot Raffle during the intermissions. Attendance can hold anywhere from 70 to 80 people.

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