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BJS Membership

This article takes a quick look at how to become a Member of the Brookfield Jazz Society (BJS).

The requirements for becoming a Member of the BJS are simple… Attend five (5) regular meetings, sign-in each time and contribute to the Donation Tin.

During your first Regular Meeting you will fill out a quick form with your email address, phone number, and title (optional) followed by the date of the meeting and your name (printed). After that only the date and sign-in are required along with a contribution to the Donation Tin. Upon your fifth visit, you will get a BJS Membership Card issued to you with your very own BJS Number along with your Name Badge that can be worn during the meetings.

Please note that Live Jazz Events do NOT count towards BJS Membership. Why? Because during those events the money collected goes toward paying the band for their performance. During the regular meetings (presentations, movie nights, Jazz Socials, etc.) when you contribute to the Donation Tin it directly supports the BJS.

Benefits of becoming a Member :

» $1 Off the Full Buffet
» Discount towards Band Collection Live Jazz Events
» Access to the Member’s Only Raffle
» Special Updates from the BJS website (coming soon)
» Discount on BJS Merchandise and Special Events
» Special Offers from local businesses
» Access to the Jazzy Notes Member’s Only Newsletter

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