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Update 7-25-17

§ This past weekend we retired BJS Member Card BJS-0019 (Jim Lelko). Jim was one of the original members for the BJS going back to 2005. His input on Jazz Saxophones was always interesting and appericated. He also donated to the Main Raffle many times over. Jim will be truly missed in the weeks and months to come.

§ New BJS Membership Cards were issued this week to celebrate the 150th Member, Kasia. You can read the new article on the website to learn more.

Update 7-15-17

§ In honor of our 150th BJS Member, Kasia, we will be having a special Member's Only Raffle for those in attendance on Thursday, July 20th. Other surprizes to be announced. This is a major milestone for the BJS since the Membership went Active back in November 2007. The last milestone was our 100th BJS Members, which was Stuart Sawa, who used to attend the meetings way back when in the Cozy Cottage.

Update 7-01-17

§ As seen on Sawa's Old Warsaw website... Happy Birthday to Marc on the 4th of July! Any text, emails, or cards that wish Marc a Happy Birthday will get that Member 4 lines of tickets in reserve for the Main Raffle. This offer is good until July 30th.

§ This month we welcome two new BJS Members... Robert Jourdan (BJS-0149) and Kasia Sakowicz (BJS-0150).

§ Tickets are still available for the August 31st Field Trip. Sign up early to ensure your seat will be confirmed.

Update 6-15-17

§ This month we welcome our newest Member Art Pudark (BJS-0148) to the group.

§ Please take the time to read about the August 31st BJS Field Trip event. We need to fill up the 39-passenger in order to make the trip a succcess.

§ This month we say goodbye to the Polish Princess and server Beata as she moves up north during the summer. Beata has been the official server of the BJS since we moved to Sawa's Old Warsaw in July 2014. We also want to say hello to our new server Kasia, who will be taking care of us from now on.

Update 5-30-17

♥ Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

♥ We would like to welcome our newest member Michael Klayman (BJS-0147) to the group. He showed up to 5 regular meetings over the past few months and was awarded his Name Badge and Membership Card this past week. Welcome to the club!

♥ The Hello Pineapple results have been updated for Round 5 (May). Due to the live jazz event on June 1st, the prizes will be not given out until the following week on June 8th. Winners must show up that week to claim their prize.

New BJS Membership Cards

BJS Membership Card Front   BJS Membership Card Reverse

To honor another milestone in BJS History with reaching 150 Members, there is a chance for active BJS Members to get a new BJS Membership Card when they attend a regular meeting/presentation. The new Membership Cards, which are shown above, will be available between now and the end of the 2017 at no charge. See Marc for details.

About the New Cards

Any active Member that attends a BJS Meeting or Live Jazz Event over the next few months will receive the new Membership Card. This new card features an updated statement (disclaimer) as well as a larger/easier to read 3-digit Membership number. This was possible as the BJS logo is now a watermark along with a new background design. The back, which was blank with the original cards, features several significant dates in BJS History. Those dates include first meetings, live jazz events, and special events. You can click on either image above to see a larger view of the new cards.

Membership is free. All that is required is that a person attends at least five Regular Meetings and contributes to the Donation Tin. Live Jazz does not count towards membership as that activity directly supports the band on the night.

History of Membership

The Active Membership Program began almost 10 years ago in October 2007. A BJS Membership Card and Name Badge were issued to every person that attended the required number of regular meetings to support the BJS. If a person moved away from the area, is no longer able to or intend on attend any meeting, or passed away, then their BJS Number is considered Retired to honor that person and their place in BJS History. Membership includes discounts when attending live jazz or special events, participation in the Member's Only Raffle, and exclusive access to the Member's Only Section of the BJS dot com website along with receiving the Jazzy Notes Newsletter.

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